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- to those who are affected and let down

Sidse and many others have been affected by the transhumanist project, which is introduced in secret through injection of genetically modified substances and nanotechnology. You can see pictures of something found in Sidse's blood, below.

We do not know for sure what it is, but we have an idea about it, and it tries to cut off the connection to one's soul, so that one becomes "an empty holster", others can have control over.

When you, like Sidse and many others, have developed a strong bond with your soul and live out a loving purpose, you experience this as completely destructive. The body responds with many different symptoms.

Therefore, it is necessary to find new forms of healing that can restore the connections in the body.

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I'm in a state of torture 24 hours a day after the fatal sting last year, and I'm not alone, even though I'm one of the hardest hit. Deterioration day by day, though I continue to struggle. Have realized the fatal sting can cost me my life - but not without one last fight. I WANT to try to save my life, and I WANT to try to save you who are just as suffering and giving up. But it has to go fast now. I do not last long without relief.
One last prayer for you with disabling injuries after the sting, which has also been let down and perhaps by giving up: Will you gather with me in a common place where we can support each other and where all the good forces that are out there , can come to our rescue? I ask you with all my heart to stand with me in this disgusting situation. For we clearly get no recognition and help when we are alone. There MUST be maximum focus on these injuries and this huge failure NOW. We are currently working on a plan. 

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