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Give Life Back

We need to ask you to help financially. Most of us who work to help Sidse and the other injured have already exhausted our own financial resources. Of course, Sidse and her family have also spent way too much money in a desperate search for something that works.

We have therefore set up this private collection among all of you who know about Sidse and her struggle. We do not know how the future will take shape, so we do not plan right now to organize ourselves in an association or the like, also because we have had mixed experiences of working with organizations that want to promote themselves or a specific cause in connection with Sides' fight. And unfortunately, it is more harmful than beneficial. So now we try ourselves this way and hope for your support!

Give Life Back with Bank Transfer

Give Life Back with bank transfer directly to Sidse's bank account:
IBAN account number: DK5404004022050414


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Give Life Back with Paypal
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Sidse donation

Du kan også donere direkte til vores videoprojekts konto i Danske Bank: 3409 - 13073449

IBAN DK3830000013073449

Fra beskrivelsen på YouTube:

Sidse Kærsgaard from Denmark was portrayed in a video from OVALmedia in April 2022, The Fighter. Now, more than a year later, she is still alive and fighting to stay alive. We wish to show what happened since in a new video, The Fighter II – and we need YOUR support to do so. Please watch, like, share and donate to make it happen!

More on OVALmedia here:

Skal vi vise det?

Du gør en forskel - vi vil gerne vise dit navn i filmen, men kun med din accept... skriv her:

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