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We are a group of people who at the end of 2021 came together to help Sidse. We did this through our network and the Sunflowers group.

The Sunflowers was founded in November 2021 as a gathering place for all who wanted to create a new society based on raising awareness instead of simply resisting the restrictions and abuses that took place under the pretext of a pandemic.

Common to us is that we will use our abilities to help the fellow human beings who have gotten into trouble because they have shown community spirit and chosen to be injected with the experimental so-called vaccine, which was so highly recommended by health authorities and other authorities . Because they chose this, there is no treatment to get, because their symptoms do not fit into the distorted picture, authorities and media draw of what is going on. And no one knows what it really is that is in these injections, but we can see that different people get different injuries and nuisances.

We see this as an expression of a spiritual struggle that seeks to deprive people of their free will and submit to encroachment on personal liberties and the right to rule over their own bodies. Unfortunately, our worst suspicions seem to be coming true, but it is happening gradually, and it is uncertain who will be affected and how.

At the same time, it has almost become dangerous to question the official explanation, so we experience that doctors and health professionals do not dare to stand up and help for fear of reprisals. This applies both in Denmark and abroad. It is almost experienced as if you are in a dystopian future film, where people fear being fired, imprisoned or otherwise persecuted if they help the so-called vaccine victims.

That is why these victims do not appear in the media either, because they are also part of the whole system that aims to convince people that they can safely receive injections of something every 3 months and that this is the way to a healthy and happy life where one can be allowed to travel, gather and move as one pleases.

But we believe that the truth wins and that it gradually dawns on everyone that the official story does not hold. Already now there are more people who get sick with vaccinations than without. But it will of course take its time before the "critical" scientists are allowed to speak and tell what has really happened. And we do not have time to wait for that!

So that's why we're now starting to create the network that can and will help our fellow human beings. We have come a long way with charity and volunteer work. But that's just not enough! Read Sidse's report and you will understand! It's so sad when the efforts of so many good people are not enough! So we have to raise money so we can create something proper. Start by doing this between friends and acquaintances, and then in the long run perhaps create a stronger platform that can do even more. But now we are up and running - and you are very welcome to help with what you can - all contributions count!


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