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FAQ - answers to questions

What does the money go to?

We primarily finance various types of treatments, medicines and dietary supplements that Sidse needs, but also driving and transport etc. for people who help voluntarily and unpaid. On our Facebook page you can see what we are urgently lacking money for.

How else can I help?

Sidse needs someone who can be there for her, but not too many new people. The rest of us who spend a lot of energy and a lot of time helping can also have brig for help so we can be there for Sidse. Feel free to contact us via the form here if you think you are able to do something for us. 

Are you in a real charity?

On our Facebook page , we have chosen to describe ourselves as a Charity, but we are not registered as an association - yet. We do this privately, among other things. in order not to be imposed too many tasks with administration and fees for everything. It's about helping Sidse and the others who have been hurt and failed - not creating more systems!

I know someone who needs help - what do I do?

Sidse already has contact with several others who also have severe injuries and symptoms. We want to share our experiences with others so that the things that work for Sidse can also benefit others. Write to us via the form here , and we will contact you and hear more ..._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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