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Sides' latest status - a prayer for help

- desperate and overwhelming reading ...


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By Sidse Kærsgaard


Dearest you

With the help of Troels Lyndelse and Morten Kok, who have just visited me down here in Switzerland, here comes an update on my situation.
My time here is running out, as I unfortunately lack the financial support to be able to stay. More treatment and longer time is needed. 1.5 years of fighting has left its mark on my body, and unfortunately the injuries are incomprehensibly difficult to deal with - even for the most skilled people.
But neither the doctors nor I have given up yet. Therefore, I desperately need you to continue to support me and to help me spread the story to everyone I know, both in Denmark and abroad, in the hope of finding someone who can help me finance the stay, now the Danish state and the Danish hospital system have turned their backs on me.
This letter, which I am sharing here, see below, has been sent to my own doctor and the Danish authorities, etc., and I have now been given permission to also share it with you here due to the seriousness of the situation. It supplements previous medical reports from my own Danish doctor and my German doctor.
I need your support now so that evil tongues and false rumors are not allowed to ruin my chance for help down here. I am not at all in a state yet where I can bear to be without intensive monitoring and treatment – and unfortunately this is expensive. I am therefore asking you to continue to help me through this nightmare. I can't do it without your help

NOTE: My profile is continuously censored. So do other people's supportive posts and comments about me and to me. Help me share my story and my plea for help so that the truth will come out.


For larger donations, the private hospital can be contacted for a direct transfer with a reference to me, if this is desired. It will be a great help

With all my heart THANK YOU

Contact for questions or other help:

................................................... .............. ..

Additions after questions received:

Whatever it is they have put in my gut is driving me over the edge daily as the doctors struggle to relieve my pain and get me to sleep. As previously mentioned, there are i.a. found "things" in my blood that shouldn't be there. Some of it has been analyzed and documented. The rest remains unknown (but also found in other injured people and with a clear suspicion of the content) because no laboratory has yet been found in or around Europe that can/will/must (?) analyze it. It is simply unimaginable. The extent of damage, including neurological damage, is beyond category. So every day and every night is a struggle to survive the state of torture I'm in. I understand, it's hard to understand. It still is for me too. But that's the way it is, and the doctors down here can confirm that. That is why this is urgent.
At the same time, I am under inhumane pressure to find the large amount of money it costs to be here. But I have used to be a place where the treatment is gathered in one place around the clock, and where there is also a focus on EHS protection, as it is equally crucial for my condition. Therefore, I must not expect answers to all comments and messages here either. I ask for your understanding on this
It is so important to me to be able to stay down here as long as necessary. But how long that will be and how much money will still be found is difficult for me to answer. But, unfortunately, a big summer is needed. It costs about DKK 10,000 a day for the necessary treatment and care, and just over DKK 20,000 per day. blood purification/Inuspferesis (reduced price). They are needed as long as the cells continue to clean out. It takes time. They do what they can down here, so that the money goes as far as possible - but right now, unfortunately, it also goes beyond the treatment. That's why I desperately need help
I am not ready to leave this earth. I am not ready to leave my family. I'm not done fighting this battle
Additional information about my situation:
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