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Sidse Kærsgaard

Project Manager

Here you can read about Sidse's course and symptoms. NOTE: These data are from January 2022 - will be updated soon ...

My course

26.6.21 injection with Pfizer-Biontech batch no. FE 2090 - 1st injection.

Takes home, 3-4 hours later, light buzz and pressure in head, left side, talked to mom who is bioanalyst. Agreed to look at the time.

Slept lightly from Saturday the 26th to Sunday, woke up early around noon. 4 and was very fresh, could not sleep again.

This repeats itself the following days, could well fall asleep but could not sleep through.

Goes to the doctor on July 1 due to the sum in the head, the doctor acknowledges that it may be related to the vaccine, but is told to wait 14 days to see if it disappears by itself.

The next day, July 2, the heart starts beating irregularly, calling the doctor as it is uncomfortable but not getting through, then calling for an ambulance as it gets worse. They are currently investigating in the ambulance and taking ECG, but says that arrhythmia is common for women of that age.

Pt. took himself to the hospital on the evening of July 2 and had x-rays and blood samples taken. Will be printed on the morning of July 3rd.

Sunday the 4th sleeps badly, but wakes up and shakes in the whole body on Monday the 5th of July, loses the ability to sleep, can feel the tremor in the face and eyelids, sweats and has nausea, feels and has the experience that something is off , there is something completely wrong in the body. Overnight with friend, but do not sleep. Call your own doctor, but get no appointment.

Pt. then goes home to her sister and niece, but she experiences not being able to feel her feelings in relation to her niece and her cats. She feels changed, she has become empty, cold, is no longer so caring and empathetic. She thus has four "transformation days" and arrives in Hvidovre on July 6, calling for help as she is afraid of "going to the floor" while the niece is present. Not really being examined, sent home with Oxapax to sleep with his sister. Became even more hyper, did not close an eye, did not sleep the next nights, picked up by parents July 7 at sister - does not sleep but is not tired. Staying in own apartment with mom and starting to get spots on arms and legs. Her blood vessels begin to swell particularly visible on the arms, can be seen under the skin, get blue-yellow marks on the legs, blood draw. Could not figure out how to pack a bag when she had to leave, the brain could not hold it. They drive to Bispebjerg in the evening and have blood samples taken, but they do not find anything.

Then drives with the parents to their home in Nykøbing. On the way home in the car, there is an international match that is streamed on phones, and something "electric" goes into the brain and gets Pt. to scream that they should turn off. The skin begins to smell of sulfur. The fingers and skin on the arms with certainty.

When she got home, the cats will not be recognized by her, smell to her, but run away. The buzz in my head continues. Is there all the time and still.

Digestion is affected, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation alternately, food is not absorbed. Different colored stools, from metal colored, to green and orange. Experiencing current in the stomach, throughout the body, can not feel hunger or satiety. Eat because she knows it is necessary.

Does not sleep from Monday to Thursday. Is up all night, confused about what's going on, can not rationally understand that she does not get tired, wondering about the cats.

Feels that the brain is affected, becomes aggressive, feels that the brain is spinning around, and also tinnitus. Changes identity but can not control it, lies and screams out in the garden, is aware that the situation is completely abnormal, calls 112 and calls the doctor for fear of not being taken seriously, so she is on the phone. Have contact with the doctor's house, the ambulance people do not take things seriously. Gets diagnosed with anxiety despite low heart rate, wants to transfer Pt. to Oringe, but she refuses. False information about acceptance of mental diagnosis in the journal. Being sent home and having to take Phenergan, a motion sickness that dulls, but it does not work, even though a few years ago it had experienced that it really made her incredibly tired.

Goes many nights without sleep, has only slept a few hours on medication. Sweating mucus on torso at night while taking Phenergan.

Takes to hospital July 11 emergency room emergency from Sunday to Monday. Referral to neurologist, get melatonin July 12th. The body feels numb, but sleep is lacking.

Bispebjerg July 13, but neurologist does not come.

On-call doctor 17 July - optician notices changes. Neck stiffness. Denied examination at Nykøbing despite friendly duty doctor, rejects due to vaccine damage. This is repeated with rejection by another on-call doctor two days later.

Will be picked up by a friend on 19 July and drive to the doctor on duty in Roskilde, own doctor is on holiday, listening and trying to get Pt. on neurological and prescribes Imozop sleeping pill. Does not take effect, first takes ½ and then the other half.

July 20: Doctor in Medical Center prescribes Truxal instead. Gets very frustrated because it did not work either, just got confused. Kl. 4 at night goes to Roskilde to talk to a psychiatrist, is told she can not get anti-depressants, but gets Imozop, which seems sporadic but short-lived.

Continues with this until July 28, when she is admitted to Bispebjerg, MRI scan with contrast, can not put a snake in the right arm, asks for connection with brain symptoms in the left side, but is rejected. Nurses say they have been given a muzzle, they must not go into anything with vaccine side effects, only blood clots are treated, warned about "schizophrenia?" and journal. Gets psychosis pill and Quetiapine is given as a sleeping pill. Psychiatric team investigates, doctor refuses to dispense psychiatric medication.

Also ongoing check of hearing due to suspicion of tinnitus, but there is nothing. Referred to audiologist at Bispebjerg.

Own doctor comes back, rejects and sends for sleep observation on open ward. Nurses talk about muzzle and fear confinement of pt.

All inquiries to the Unit List are dismissed as personal matters.

Sleep observation for 4 days, experimenting with sleeping pills without result, being sent home.

Mixes melatonin with sleeping pills and has a short-term effect.

Bleeding a lot every 14 days, violently. Gets spiral removed in early September. Bleeding stops. Had regular cycle before injection. Menstruation ceases from October.

At the end of August, the examination was rejected due to abdominal pain at Bispebjerg.

Gets the spiral removed on 9 September, begs and asks his own doctor for help, the doctor gets a psychiatrist connected to the case and agrees to find out something about sleep and dosage. Encourages Pt. to find another doctor.

End up driving to psychiatry from 9 - 12 September, new sleep observation in closed ward with promise of somatic examinations - none of this was met. "Hell on earth" - they do not note when the bell rings that Pt. falls and hits her head because she becomes dizzy but does not sleep, so she becomes dizzy from the medication. Prints himself at his own risk when mom arrives.


Despite only a single plug in June last year, I am left in hell. A few hours later: The sum on the left side of the head. That night disturbed sleep. After just over a week, the sleep disappeared completely, and more and more harmful effects came to:  

  • Fatal insomnia - Fatal affect or damage to the brain / lost ability to sleep. Experiment with high dose melatonin - but the effect is unfortunately absent / minimal. Feeling like a dead man, as it should not be possible not to sleep (cf. all the important processes that happen during sleep): Sleep observation in psychiatry twice - only made my condition worse. NOT at all ok to hide v-injured people away here, although in DK this is often what happens. It simply has to stop. No / little effect of sleeping pills / sleep supplements. A doctor at the Danish Center for Sleep Disorders promised back in October that they would do everything to find out what the "vaccine" had done to my brain. However, they did not comply. In January, sleep professor at the same place confirmed that several colleagues had approached about v-injured people in the same situation. But nothing has been done to help us. He even told them not to talk about it out loud. That is simply not fair.

  • Intensified, burning, electric pain and violent tremors in and throughout the body. Feels like "electric torture" (see cyber torture): Insufficient report from the Department of Neurology at Bispebjerg Hospital. Denied 2nd opinion at Rigshospitalet despite own doctor's referral to this. No luck with the help of a private neurologist. Talked to English neurologist. Confirmed these insane symptoms after the sting in many other patients.

  • High, disabling, electrical "tinnitus" throughout the head + other insane sounds that can be heard and felt (constantly buzzing and pressing on the brain in different places + brain constantly vibrates and sends electricity down through the neck and further out into and through the whole body) . Epicenter still on the left side, where it all started - but has spread to the entire brain / skull. The whole head vibrates and emits heat - in addition to the sounds themselves.

  • Overactivated hearing, including pain, wheezing and pressure.

  • Affected vision, "flies" before the eyes, "digital" images / disturbances, including constantly moving pupils. Frequent blood clots.

  • Affected cold / heat regulation - cold from hip and down / heat from hip and up.

  • Affected gastrointestinal tract - major problems with food intake and digestion.

  • Affected bladder function.

  • Violent menstrual disorders.

  • Swollen blood vessels (found to be gummy, cf. blood tests / IV).

  • Itching on the skin - most often especially the feet (including dry skin and waxy skin on the face).

  • Intensive sensitivity to all types of electromagnetic fields / radiation etc. ( ).

  • Found that the same influence also comes from within (testing in faraday environment etc.).

  • Constant muscle contractions over and over all over the body.

  • Affected breathing / lungs feel small and stiff / wheezing breathing.

  • Buzzing heartbeat - no consensus in the heartbeat (too many / too few heartbeats constantly).

    • Arrhythmia, bradycardia and tachycardia have been diagnosed on an ongoing basis - however, without further investigations or a plan for anything having been initiated.

  • Missing skin layers - severe hypersensitivity to the skin.

  • Changes in bone structure, muscles and skin layers.

    • Examined by several private professionals who confirm the changes.

  • Influence of several centers in the brain constantly, which makes it impossible to make an everyday life work in relation to i.a. concentration and coordination etc.

  • Affected personality in a negative direction (affecting or harming the brain?) - difficult to know myself (felt right from the start that something was shut down in me when the symptoms started, so my emotional side was negatively affected).

  • No or reverse reaction to chemical medication - even at high doses. Limited response to natural supplements (perhaps due to the damaged gastrointestinal system?).

  • My blood was examined, including by a Danish iridologist, a Danish doctor, a German healer and a German doctor, where parasite-like objects, metals, radioactive particles, nanoparticles, indefinable objects in the blood and glued-together blood cells were found on several occasions. I know I'm not the only one with such or similar blood pictures after the plug.

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