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Sides' latest status - a prayer for help

- desperate and overwhelming reading ...


By Sidse Kærsgaard

Sidse hospital.jpg

Dearest everyone

I am now back in Denmark after being brought to Germany in a desperate attempt to alleviate my severe injuries after the fatal Pfizer / BioNTech plug in late June 2021. I left to find treatment for myself and not least for all of you others injured with the same or similar symptoms, which are also left in the lurch. My biggest wish was therefore to come home in recovery with knowledge to be able to help others further as well.

In the beginning it went forward, and I was still optimistic when I spoke live on April 8 with Viviane Fischer, who picked me up in Denmark, and Reiner Fuellmich from the German committee of inquiry Corona Ausschuss ( ) . Unfortunately, a number of circumstances made the course of treatment not go as I had hoped. My worst nightmare was getting home from Germany in the same or worse condition. That nightmare has now come true. I feel a huge sadness and hopelessness right now. I no longer know what to do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and support for treatment and medicine - even though this time it did not go as hoped in Germany.

Many of us have been experimented with and deliberately harmed in the most bestial way. The evidence is there, but censorship and fear unfortunately still keep many from understanding. I figured it out myself too late:

In Germany, I was greeted by professionals who understood the seriousness - but without knowing the exact solution. They could confirm that these were the same symptoms they saw in many of us. Some worse than others, but still the same pattern. Unfortunately, we are up against something that is so insane that even for some of the most knowledgeable people at the moment it is difficult or impossible to solve - and not at all without access to the right equipment and massive investment of time and resources in the treatment .

When those in power are carelessly experimenting with malicious technology and harmful substances in the guise of "life-saving vaccines", it is doomed to go horribly wrong - and that was probably the intention as well. It is truly a superweapon that has unfortunately had both disabling and deadly consequences for very many people on the planet. It's so disgusting and so painful that I have no words for it. I hope that those who are directly and indirectly responsible for this must be held accountable and receive the punishment they deserve. Destroying the lives of so many innocent people and subsequently turning their backs on them testifies to character traits that only evil creatures possess.

When I was hit and became aware of the seriousness of the situation, I did everything I could to warn. I did everything I could to fight for my own life, to fight for all of you who had also been injured, and for all of you who potentially also risked being hit through the many coercive measures. My reward came initially in the form of help from good people in Denmark and subsequently emergency help from Germany. Unfortunately, as mentioned, it did not go as hoped. I send so many thoughts and love to all of you who, like me, have been disabled by this vicious experiment. To all of you who are relatives. To all of you who have modeled for so much in your fight against the experiment. You are all in my thoughts.

This is probably just the beginning of hell on earth. You who know the message know what I'm talking about. I therefore pray with all my heart that you, who are fighting for freedom and peace, against the tyranny of power and the experimental attempts that more and more people risk being subjected to, stand together now. You have to come together and stand together if you are to win this battle. I beg you: Do not let my struggle and my sufferings be in vain. Hold together now and put unnecessary strife on the shelf. Otherwise you will not win this match. I am with you all the way - either here or on the other side depending on how my condition develops. I'm taking one day at a time right now.

Just as crushed I am over having ruined my life in the most disgusting way, just as proud I am of having endured so long and fought such an inhuman battle. As I said: Do not let my struggle and my sufferings be in vain. Fight on for a harmonious world for both humans and animals without tyranny from the evil forces that are trying to destroy our planet, the planet's amazing wildlife and us as natural, biological and spiritual humans. I hope that those who try to destroy humanity with their vicious deceptions will themselves be exterminated when the truth dawns on people.

Thank you to all of you who have helped me in one way or another. You mean everything to me. Without you, I would not have lasted that long. I had hoped for and prayed for a different and better outcome than the current one. I had my whole life ahead of me - and I loved my life. I had dedicated my life to fighting for others, both humans and animals, and to being the best human being, the best cat mother, and the best aunt and uncle I could ever be. That has been stopped, as I am suffering too much right now to be able to be something for anyone. Hopefully, though, I have made a difference through my struggle in this matter.

Love from


Have you been injured after the jab? You are not alone: #RealNotRare

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